New Trailer!

25 01 2011

New footage of the “final” Alpha result:



25 01 2011

We have reached the deadine and with it the end of the second semester. The site has been updated with the newest Art, Screenshots and Documents. 

Although there is still plenty to polish the endresult is a fully playable Alpha version that includes:

  • 3 Classes
  • 2 Maps
  • LAN-Multiplayer 

This Alpha version will be judged by our principal and possibly pitched at a publisher.

If this results into nothing then it will be downloadable in the future on this site and we will upload it to several community sites like ModDB and the UDK site itself.

New trailer coming soon!

Quality before Quantity

1 01 2011

Progress on Classified has been made but even though it is going good we decided to not do the 3rd map for now. We decided to rather focus on the first 2 maps with all the game features and polishing those better to have a more playable and finished product.

The model for the Sniper has been implemented and the new Scaleform ClassMenu and message bars have been installed. MeteorDesert has seen major graphic improvements and next to some FPS issues the lighting is nearly done as well.

With just 3 weeks remaining until the project deadline we should see the last improvements and updates to the game soon.


12 11 2010

Past two weeks we have been busy with both the Meteor Desert and Volcano Island map. We have fixed some major bugs in Volcano Island and a lot of hang lines have been placed for the Sniper class. Also balancing has been tested many times, once with a total of 13 players at the same time. The results of that: Chaotic battles, funny situations and of course some bugs for us to fix.

The Meteor Desert map has been stuffed with decoration props and textures and buggy collision are solved. The train has been equipped with alarm lights, just like the elevators in the cave. So now you can see which elevator or train is moving. The new Engineer character is finally playable and the Sniper model is ready to texture. The HUD has been equipped with a bomb timer to see the remaining time also the messenger class is in progress. The lighting in the Meteor Desert map is being adjusted to find a good balance between the night theme and visibility. Next week some decisions about Cannon Castle so stay tuned!

Classified progress update

18 10 2010

Our concept artist finished the texture for the Engineer. He’s making another mood sketch for the Meteor Desert map.  He’s also fixing some prop textures from the Volcano Island map, and new icons for the  objectives in the HUD. Our modeller finished the train, and is currently working on the cargo elevators and the crater. The animator is almost finished with all the animations for the engineer and is working on getting the Engineer in-game. The programmers have fixed the HUD that was having some bugs with the HP and the classes have been balanced with attack damage. The train in the meteor map is moving a bit faster now. The Gunner can shoot again after dropping the crystals. Our level designer is busy with the level edge and collision. After that he will make the mountain that stands over the elevator shaft.

More updates will follow.


17 09 2010

We have been working on the Meteor Desert Map for several weeks now. The gameplay has been programmed and the other 2 classes have been added making testing a lot more balanced around the 3 classes its intended for.

Besides being able to proper balance the maps now it’s also allot more fun to be playing with all classes :D.

We updated the site with more Art, Screenshots, Design Documents and soon more Videos aswell. Stay tuned! 🙂


2 New Maps

30 08 2010

We have chosen the 2 new maps, mainly their setting and their objectives. More info can be found in the Maps their tabs.


A night map centered around a meteor impact crater in a dessert.


A misty early morning map centered around a Castle on the high cliffs.