12 11 2010

Past two weeks we have been busy with both the Meteor Desert and Volcano Island map. We have fixed some major bugs in Volcano Island and a lot of hang lines have been placed for the Sniper class. Also balancing has been tested many times, once with a total of 13 players at the same time. The results of that: Chaotic battles, funny situations and of course some bugs for us to fix.

The Meteor Desert map has been stuffed with decoration props and textures and buggy collision are solved. The train has been equipped with alarm lights, just like the elevators in the cave. So now you can see which elevator or train is moving. The new Engineer character is finally playable and the Sniper model is ready to texture. The HUD has been equipped with a bomb timer to see the remaining time also the messenger class is in progress. The lighting in the Meteor Desert map is being adjusted to find a good balance between the night theme and visibility. Next week some decisions about Cannon Castle so stay tuned!




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