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Classified is a cartoon style objective based multiplayer shooter game. (CSOBMSG)

The game is all about conquering objectives, almost all main objectives need to be handled or activated by an Engineer making it a critical class to have in your team. Sub-objectives can usually be handled by any class but some classes have an advantage over others for certain actions or routes.

The main intent of the game is a simple to understand shooter that you can just download, install and play for fun.

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The Development Team

The team consists of students from the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL). For this project we have put together a team of  all expertise’s to make a working, great looking and fun to play game for our Portfolios.

After the first successful semester making 1 class and 1 map it was decided to pick up the project another semester and extend it with 2 additional classes and 1 additional map. We continue to build on the experience that we gained working with Epic’s Unreal Development Kit.


First Semester:

  • Project lead – Mitch Leeuwe
  • Planning – Luuk Waarbroek
  • 3D Modeling – Rudo Walinga
  • Animations – Willem-Jan Stoker
  • Art  – Mitch Leeuwe + Jelle Hamming
  • Game Design – Luuk Waarbroek + Tim Vegter
  • Level Design – Luuk Waarbroek
  • Programming – Roy Ketellapper + Tim Vegter

Second Semester:

  • Project lead – Jelle Hamming + Tim Vegter
  • Planning – Tim Vegter
  • 3D Modeling – Bas Vegter
  • Animations – Willem-Jan Stoker
  • Art – Jelle Hamming
  • Audio – Bas Vegter
  • Game Design – Rudo Walinga + Tim Vegter
  • Level Design – Rudo Walinga
  • Programming – Roy Ketellapper + Tim Vegter



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