A clean, simple and cartoony HUD. Simple stats are shown like health and time remaining for the round and objectives. On the far right the weapon icon represents the class the player is playing and on the far left the color of the helmet represents the team the player is in.

Class Menu


At the start of a round or when the player presses “Q” the ClassMenu will pop up. In this in-game menu the player can select another class to play, once the player then dies he will re-spawn as the selected class. Either mouse or keyboard can be used to select another class.

Score Board


Pressing “Tab” will pop up the Score Board. This screen will provide the player with information about kills and deaths for each player and team.

Bomb Puzzle


When playing an Engineer the player can interact with most objectives. In the Volcano Island Map this objective is planting bombs. Engineers will be able to see indicators were bombs can be planted and if they stand close to one of these indicators and press “E” they will start to arm a bomb with a mini-puzzle, likewise the enemy Engineer can disarm the planted bomb again.

Climb System


The Sniper has the ability to climb on any ledge that is on the character’s eye height. When playing a Sniper the player can jump towards one of these ledges and they will automatically start climbing.

Crystal Carrying


In the Meteor Desert map one of the objectives is to gather 5 Crystals into the players team elevator. The Crystals are so heavy that only Gunners are able to carry them back to their teams elevator. Players that play a Gunner can stand near them and press “Use” to put their weapon on their back and pickup the Crystal.

Train Driving


The main objective of the Meteor Desert map is for a team to get the Crystals to their base. This is for a big part done by an Engineer driving the train down a track to the teams base. The driving just requires the Engineer to be inside the train and keeping “Use” pressed.


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