Meteor Desert


A night map centered around a meteor impact crater in a desert. Scientists (that got driven out) have dug mine shafts and constructed an elevator to the cave were the meteor crashed into. The meteor itself is still there on the cave floor and there are strange alien crystals growing around it. Both teams will need to get down to the meteor chamber and start collecting the alien crystals for their teams research camp.

Once a team gathered enough crystals they need to protect their mine cart making sure it gets back to their research camp as soon as possible. While doing this they can also choose to hinder the enemy team by making sure the enemy Engineer can not get the enemy mine cart to the enemy teams research camp.

Concept Art

Meteor_Cave     sketch_outside_crater

cave_entrance     spawns


MeteorDesert_Mockup1     MeteorDesert_Mockup2


MeteorDesert_SS1     MeteorDesert_SS2     MeteorDesert_SS3

MeteorDesert_SS4     MeteorDesert_SS5     MeteorDesert_SS6


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