Volcano Island


Volcano Island is an assault and defend map playing out during sunny daytime. One team will assault the island, trying to blow up the main control room inside the bunker, while the other team tries to defend it. Once one round has been played the teams will be hussled and players might find themselves engaging  in battle in reversed roles.

The sub-objective is in the form of the main bunker door which has to be blown open first before the assaulting teams Engineers and Gunners can enter. There is however also the possibility for Snipers to climb around and take another route inside, maybe they can find another way inside for their teammates ;).

Concept Art

Beach View 01   Island Green Concept

officev5     barracks


beachleft   Screenshot Map 1 - 01


Screenshot Map 1 - 02     VolcanoIsland_SS2

VolcanoIsland_SS3     VolcanoIsland_SS4     VolcanoIsland_SS5


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